Middle East Cruises

Middle East Overview

Balance starry nights at sea with sun-drenched days on shore as you explore from the arid reaches of the southern Mediterranean to oasis-like cities surrounded by date palms.
What to Expect: A world of contrasts: skyscrapers and ancient mosques, megamalls and bustling souks, mirage-like beaches and endless deserts.
When to Go: Summer is hot, with temperatures in the 100s. Sail in spring or fall for more outdoor-friendly weather, or in winter for great rates.
What to Do: Explore the pyramids, take an off-road safari through the desert, treat your sweet tooth to some baklava, sunbathe on a beach, tour an ancient mosque.
Local Color: Petra, an ancient city painstakingly carved from a rose-colored cliff face. You'll find it in Jordan's desert, just a couple of hours from Aqaba.
Don't Miss: Skip the malls and stop by a souk--Arab for "market"--where you can haggle for the perfect pashmina scarf, silver jewelry, or patterned rugs.
Don't Forget: If you plan on visiting a mosque, you'll need to dress appropriately. Pack a light, long-sleeved shirt, slacks, and a scarf or head covering.

Middle East Ports of Call

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