Tahiti Cruises

Tahiti Overview

Tahiti is almost synonymous with paradise, but in fact it's just the biggest and best developed of 118 exquisite islands making up exotic French Polynesia. Try a Tahiti cruise and see what Gauguin was going on about.
What to Expect: Vanilla-scented breezes, crystal-clear lagoons, souvenir stands, pearl markets, towering peaks, and beaches alluring enough to make you contemplate jumping ship. (You wouldn't be the first.)
When to Go: April through October for the driest weather--though Tahiti temperatures are balmy year-round.
What to Do: Dive in some of the clearest waters on earth, trek through the jungle, shop for black pearls, lounge on white-sand beaches on Tahiti cruises.
Local Color: Get up early and take in the mix of European, Chinese, and native Tahitian culture at the Marché Municipale, or Municipal Market.
Don't Miss: Papeete's Musée Gauguin, devoted to the French artist who visited here and never left.
Don't Forget: French is the official language of Tahiti, but English is widely spoken as well.

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