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Port Description

Staying in Touch

To make a long distance call from Raiatea you must purchase a phone card; they come in a variety of increments. There's no Internet cafe on the island.

What to See and Do

Prowl around "Fisherman's Wharf," a collection of shops, boutiques, cafes, and markets near the pier.

Faaroa River and Island Exploration, an island tour via four-wheel drive and outrigger canoe.

Walking tour of Taputapuatea Archeological Area, part of ancient Polynesia. The area is comprised of 19 marae (worshiping sites), including Matahiraterai, Valley of the Night, Oro's Shrine, and the Sacrifice Stone. Tours can be booked through "Almost Paradise" (66-23-64) or take a taxi to the area for a self-guided experience (make sure to arrange for the taxi to return and pick you up).

Numerous tour operators in the Gare Maritime book tours and activities of all kinds.

Getting Around

Car rentals from Europcar (877-940-6900, from $76 per day).

Where You're Docked

Most cruise ships tie up to the new Gare Maritime in the center of Uturoa, the island's main town.

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