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Port Description

Long Beach, California

White sand kissed by frothy waves from off the deep blue Pacific, ancient and majestic trees towering above man-made structures, some of the most magnificent mountains in North America - you know it's California! The earth here is still growing, stretching, seeking its true self, often through violent outbursts. Humanity is the intruder here, the late arrival in a world as ancient as the universe and as recent as the last-born child. This ever-changing work of art will not allow itself to be tamed, as many have learned. Here one must be as adaptable as the universe itself. Here is the land of vintners and miners, of artists, musicians, and philosophers, of aged and young, old and new. Here ancient precepts may be reborn or new ideas take flight. Here is where cultures merge and individuality asserts. Here the past is revered while technologies advance. California is more than the territory that bears the name; it is a state of mind. California is that shining place in the center of all dreams, the gem that makes the effort worthwhile