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Cruise Tour



What is a cruisetour?

A cruisetour is a vacation package that combines a cruise with an escorted land tour. It affords you with the time to explore the best of both land and sea, and it offers a much more in-depth experience of Europe.

Your cruisetour price includes:

Why choose a cruisetour over just a cruise?

What are some not-to-be-missed sights?





When can I go on a Europe cruisetour?

The Europe cruise market is expanding. The Northern and Western Europe Cruisetour season begins in May and runs through August. The Mediterranean Cruisetour season kicks off April  through November.

What type of stateroom should I reserve?

A balcony stateroom is the best way to enjoy privacy, space, and freedom. Thankfully, today’s modern ships are built with balconies in mind. Have a cup of coffee while passing the yachts of the caviar set in Cannes. Get out the camera and snap shots of rugged Greek towns clinging to the cliffs high above. Roll out of bed and soak up the warm Mediterranean sun in privacy. With your own balcony, you won’t have to compete for deck space or a lounge chair.