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Costa Voyager - Ship Description

Comfortable and inviting, modern and inspiring. Costa Voyager is a refined and welcoming vessel, featuring Costa Cruises’ familiar “Italian Style” cruising in a relaxed atmosphere. Its intimate size makes it easy to navigate your way around on board and fellow travelers become instant friends.

Due to the ship’s exceptional speed, guests will enjoy longer port stays, providing more time to participate in shore excursions and gain a more in-depth local experience.

Guests will revel in unique on-board possibilities like sipping a flute of bubbly in one of the Jacuzzis overlooking the stern while watching the sun dip into the horizon. Whether indulging in tasty tapas at the Gambrinus with live music or a refreshing drink in the Bodeguita del Medio, a Cuban-style bar, Costa Voyager is an intimate explorer where dreams become a reality.