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Carnival Valor - Ship Description

Weighing in at 110,000 tons, hosting more than 3,000 passengers, and offering first-class service, the impressive Carnival Valor sails exclusively in the Caribbean, alternating between eastern and western routes from Miami and always visiting several sand-filled, sun-soaked ports.

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Carnival Valor - Public Areas

Eagles Aft Lounge

Decks: Deck 5

One Small Step Dance Club

Decks: Deck 5

Jeanne's Wine Bar

Decks: Deck 5

The Web

Decks: Deck 4

Circle "C"®

Welcome to the ultimate hot spot for guests ages 12 to 14. And with all this fun happening, they'll be LOLing in no time. "

Decks: Deck 4

King Boulevard

Decks: Deck 5

Java Cafe

Decks: Deck 5

Video Arcade

Decks: Deck 5

The Dream Bar

Decks: Deck 5

The Fun Shops

You'll find the perfect "Fun Ship" gifts for friends, family or yourself at the "Fun Shops". Get everything from t-shirts to high-end timepieces, even your favorite spirits (duty-free).

Decks: Deck 5

The Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is loaded with some of your best "Fun Ship" moments. Pick your favorites; then take home your fondest and most fun memories.

Decks: Deck 4

Ivanhoe Theatre

Decks: Deck 3 | Deck 4 | Deck 5

Rosie's Restaurant

Decks: Deck 9

Club O2®

You can't live with them. We can't live without them. This is Club O2, the just-for-teens hangout on board Carnival. "

Decks: Deck 5

Atrium America

Decks: Deck 10 | Deck 4 | Deck 5 | Deck 6 | Deck 7 | Deck 8 | Deck 9


Chill out in this kid-free oasis that's the hub of relaxation aboard the ship. Take in the ocean view, hop into one of two hot tubs, or just kick back and chat with friends.

Decks: Deck 12 | Deck 14

Camp Carnival®

Once your kids discover Camp Carnival, they'll never want to leave. (Seriously.) "

Decks: Deck 12

Iliad Library

Decks: Deck 4

Bronx Sports Bar

Decks: Deck 5

Shogun Club Casino

Decks: Deck 5

Washington Dining Room

Decks: Deck 3 | Deck 4


Rent your formal wear here.

Decks: Deck 5

American Lobby

Decks: Deck 3

Lincoln Dining Room

Decks: Deck 3 | Deck 4

Paris Hot Bar

Decks: Deck 5

Carnival's Seaside Theatre®

See the stars, under the stars. For real. Carnival's Seaside Theatre screens big movie favorites all day and night. "

Decks: Deck 10

Mini Golf

Have a swinging good time at the 9-hole mini-golf course!

Decks: Deck 12

Lindy Hop Piano Bar

Decks: Deck 5

Spa Carnival®

Take an aerobics class, workout on new gym equipment, pamper yourself with soothing treatments and massages, try a new hairstyle, and treat your husband to the ultimate shave right here. Ahhhhh...Spa Carnival.

Decks: Deck 11

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