What is RSS?

RSS, also known as Really Simple Syndication, enables you to receive up-to-date news and information from many of your favorite Internet sites. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, the headlines come to you through a personalized home page like My Yahoo! or My MSN or a RSS reader of your choice.

What's Travelocity's RSS feed?

Travelocity's RSS feed ensures that when fares drop, you'll find out fast.Just subscribe to this free service, tell us which destinations you'd like us to watch, and keep an eye on your RSS reader to find out when you can save on flights to your favorite destinations. When you're ready to check availability for a flight, one click takes you straight to Travelocity.

How can I receive an RSS feed?

To subscribe to Travelocity's RSS feed you'll need an RSS reader. My Yahoo! and My MSN are both popular choices but many other readers are also available. Visit theGoogle Directory for a list of available readers.

I have the reader. Now what?

Once you have an RSS reader, follow the simple steps on this page to create your free, personalized RSS feed. Choose your own customized list of destinations, or select the type of trip that interests you, and we'll give you our expert recommendations. After you've named your subscription, click "Submit" and the links to your feed will appear at the bottom of the page. Set up as many feeds as you'd like.

Tell Us What You Think

We're still developing our new RSS feed, so give it a try and let us know how you think it could be enhanced or improved.Travelocity RSS Beta Feedback.

Find out fast when you can save on flights to your favorite destinations! It's easy and it's free, thanks to Travelocity's new RSS feed. Just choose the destinations you'd like us to watch, and we'll keep you informed through My Yahoo!, My MSN, Pluck or another RSS news reader of your choice.

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