About Booking 2, 3 or 4 Rooms

Travelocity now offers the ability to book up to 4 rooms per reservation. Look for these unique features:

Mix & Match your room types

You can specify the room type for each individual room in your reservation. Simply select "Pick any combination" to view the full list of room types available per hotel.

Only GoodBuy hotels

We proudly present only our preferred hotel partners for reservations with multiple rooms. These hotels are pre-paid and come with our low price guarantee. Rest assured that when you book with Travelocity and encounter any problem with your booking, we will work with our partners to make it right. Learn more about the Travelocity Guarantee

About payment

Note that all rooms must be pre-paid by a single credit card at checkout. If you need to pay for rooms separately, you may modify your search and book each room reservation individually. Typically, room locations can still be grouped together at check-in.