Frequently asked questions

How close is Surety Hotel to the airport?
Surety Hotel is 5 mi (16-min drive) away from the Des Moines International Airport (DSM) airport, the closest popular airport to the property.
Does Surety Hotel have an airport shuttle?
Airport shuttle services are not available at Surety Hotel.
Does Surety Hotel offer free breakfast?
Free breakfast isn’t provided at Surety Hotel, but cooked-to-order breakfast is offered for a fee of between USD 5 and 20 per person.
Is there a casino at Surety Hotel?
No, there is no casino at this hotel, but Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino (15-min drive) is nearby.
What time is check-in at Surety Hotel?
Check-in start time: 3:00 PM; Check-in end time: midnight.
Is there free parking at Surety Hotel?
Free parking is not available at this hotel. Self parking is available for USD 25 per night.
Does Surety Hotel have a pool?
Surety Hotel does not have a pool.
Does Surety Hotel have a restaurant?
Surety Hotel is home to Mulberry Street Tavern, which features happy hour.
Does Surety Hotel have a spa?
There are no spa services available at this hotel.
How close is Surety Hotel to downtown Des Moines?
Surety Hotel is 0.5 mi away from Des Moines.